DTF Direct To File

Real Sticky Direct to Film Printing services are a excellent way to make tshirts, hoodies, shoes, hats, patches, jackets and more.

DTF Transfers Feature

  • 12 to 15 second 1st Press at 285 degrees with Med to light pressure.
  • 2nd press after transfer is removed 5 second Finish Press to seal.
  • HD Resolution
  • Heavy Duty Durability
  • Extreme Flexibility
  • Soft hand feel
  • Unlimited colors at NO EXTRA Charge
  • No Miniums

Yes, we do offer Wholesale DTF direct to film printing services.  

We offer wholesale printing at 8.00 a running foot for 22 inches wide by 12 inches tall.  Email us your 300dpi artwork or great and we can print it. 

Customer MUST have in writing the exact size of the image you are wanting printed so that we can ensure that your image is the size you are needing.


Cotton and Cotton Blends: Press at 285 to 290 degrees for 12-15 seconds with a teflon sheet or fresh parchment paper. 

Polyester and Nylons: Press at 265 to 285 for 12 seconds with teflon or parchment.  

Set your garment aside and cold peel the transfer film; re-press for 5 seconds with fresh parchment paper or teflon sheet to seal


Real Sticky is NOT responsible for color matching.    

Real Sticky CANNOT and will NOT guarantee that the print we send you will match the print you had another DTF / Direct to Film printer or supplier supply you in the past.  

There is NO REFUND for custom printed DTF Direct to Film.